BICC Guernsey Young Bird 2 & Old Hens 2

The BICC convoy of Young birds and old hens was liberated at Guernsey at 9 am on Saturday 8th September in a light southerly wind and excellent flying conditions, to face the almost 90 mile sea crossing to the south coast of England. The following is weatherman Steve Appleby's weather report for the day of the race:-
Weather Report
The main concern for this last race for the BICC race from Guernsey race was the development of fog over night. After contacting the duty forecaster at the Met Office I was reliably informed that some shallow fog banks were affecting some channel areas. This fog soon burned off as the sun gained height in the sky. Dense fog affecting the West Midlands and the West Country and Wales also dispersed but not until mid morning. Generally visibility in the channel was 5 miles plus outside any shallow fog banks which improved as the morning progressed. Otherwise broken could and sunshine was the order of the day over the complete race route. Winds direction difficult to determine as they were so light but the influence over the channel was from the southeast. This race ends a successful series of races for the BICC. Good luck with your pairings during the closed season.
Steve Appleby.

I must emphasise once again at the beginning of this report, that the following positions are purely provisional and are based solely on fanciers' first bird varifications. The final result may vary considerably.

Bryan Williams with 1st Open BICC Guernsey 2 YBs

1st Open BICC Guernsey 2 YBs

Lofts of John Fretwell 1st sect 1st Open BICC Guernsey 2
OHs 1st North section BICC Guernsey 1 OHs

Bethany Wright of A Wright & Daughter
1st North sect BICC Guernsey 1 & 3rd section Guernsey 2 YBs

Meg Murray 1st section BICC Guernsey 1YBs & 10th Open OHs
plus 1st section Guernsey 2 YB's & 3rd section OH's

Leon Hall 1st Centre section 3rd Open BICC Guernsey 2 OHs

Although there was only a slight easterly influence in the wind over the channel it was enough to give the small Welsh contingent the edge and the winner of the Young Bird race was clocked way out west at the Ystradgynlais [ pronounced UST -RAD -GUN - LICE] loft of Bryan and Anthony Williams recording a velocity of 1451ypm. Anthony reports the following:-
"The hen is down from our main line of Van Reets with the dam flying Tarbes this year the sister to the dam winning Bordeaux and the other sister winning 6 x 1sts. This line is from our old Mealy pied hen and she is now g/g dam to 2 x 1st Open BICC. The young hen was sent sitting eggs and had been sent to every race this year except the first Frome race. She is a darkness hen and they are trained very hard up to the 3rd race. This year all the darkness birds were only trained to 22 miles with 12 tosses from this place as we feel this is their breaking point. After that we do not train our birds at all but flag them around the loft twice a day. We mix 3 mixtures together for the evening feed and also add extra small seeds after this to load them with high energy seed. We mix our own morning seed which is mixed from 4 seeds we buy in separately. We find this helps us keep them under control and we can easily get them in before their main heavier feed in the evening. All birds get treated for canker when weaned and we also treat for cocci after any tough race. We do not break them down at all but load them from a Tuesday to Thursday every week ready for the race. We also run a test loft every year and find this builds the immunity of our own young up by exposing them to the bugs from other lofts early on, they then get a good constitution and when mixed on race days they do not suffer any new illnesses". Congratulations Bryan and Anthony on your second BICC Open win in the past two seasons. A full loft report on the Williams loft can be found on the BICC web site.

The Manchester partnership of Mr & Mrs Crathorne come in next at 1st North section and 2nd Open vel 1428 ypm, timing a Pencil Cock now named " Kiln Galileo " The Sire was purchased at Graham Ward's bereavement sale and is a Red cock of the old Sion bloodlines.
The dam was bred for the partners for stock, by their good friend George Gould and is of Bricoux bloodlines. Kiln Galileo was 12th Club from Yeovil 181 miles the previous week.
In third Open position vel 1395 ypm, is one to the multi National winning lofts of Preece Brothers & Sons of Cwmtillery. The partners clocked A DARKNESS BLUE COCK FLYING TO the PERCH. HE IS LEFEBRE/DHAENEN/VAN LOON bred from a BLUE STOCK COCK which is SIRE OF MANY PRIZE WINNERS AT NATIONAL LEVEL INCLUDING 2ND WSR NATIONAL MESSAC +1ST FED, He in turn is A DIRECT SON OF the partners' champion LEFEBRE DHAENEN/ VAN LOON COCK "GWASTED RYDER" - WINNER OF 10 FIRSTS when racing PLUS MANY PRIZES AT FED AND NATIONAL LEVEL. The DAM of the Guernsey timer IS THE LAST DAUGHTER OF the loft's TOP BOBBY LEE STOCK COCK "ONE LEG", which was SIRE OF 2 X 1STS + 2 X 2NDS in WSR NATIONALS

Provisional 3rd West Section 4th Open vel 1392 ypm,was timed to the Somerset loft of well known partnership John & David Staddon from Evercreech. This duo have enjoyed a fantastic season winning 1st Open BICC Carentan, 4th Open BICC Carentan, 2nd Open BICC Falaise, 15th open BICC Falaise and now provisional 4th Open BICC Guernsey and 15th BICC Guernsey Old hens race. Dave Staddon writes:-
"Firstly we'd like to congratulate Bryan & Anthony Williams on their win a great performance. We timed our blue hen at 11.26 for a velocity of 1392. This hen is bred from a pair of direct Mark Gilbert middle distance pigeons. The sire Shapway Supreme is a Grandson of Southfield Supreme as well as Nena, Drum & Gerrie. His sire Supreme Nino is currently for sale on Pipa. The Dam Shapway Lady Tips is a Grand daughter of Champion Tips. A son of Tips being paired to a Van Elsacker hen who has bred Mark 2 x 1st section. We had a fantastic race getting 9 out of 9 young birds and all 5 old hens . Once again the BICC transporter sees the birds arrive home in perfect condition every time and the convoyer and his team are to be congratulated. Our loft has been enjoying a great young bird season winning 5 out of 7 races in the very competitive Glastonbury club so far and being 2nd, 3rd & 4th in one of the others. All but one of these winners is from pigeons bred from our Mark Gilbert stock. Mark is a great friend who we speak to most days and he has let us have pigeons from his very best as well offering his advice if we ever ask for it. We race our young birds on darkness but they are not separated. The 4th Open hen was just looking at a young cock at basketting".

At 4th west section 5th Open was one to Dennis and Jean Chambers vel 1381 ypm. The partners clocked a chequer cock flown on the darkness system bred down from some Kuwaiti birds purchased at a Europa Lofts auction in 2004. These are Janssen based and have consistently produced winning pigeons. The young cock has had every race including Guernsey [twice] and Carentan so it's safe to say that he's earned his perch for the winter.
The "old warhorse" none other than International winner Brian Sheppard of Trowbridge comes in next at 5th section 6th Open vel 1372 ypm. Unfortunately, despite several attempts, I could not get any information on Brian's timer. I eventually caught up with Brian and he told me that his first in the clockis a gift bird from Bob Fenech and contains all the best of the Fenech Lightning fast Cooremans. This one has had three Guernsey races so far this year and was sent calling his hen to nest and was in a very heavy moult. Brian clocked another Fenech Cooreman just a minute later and this was the first bird home from BICC Guernsey 1 two weeks earlier finishing at 1st West section.

Gary and wife Prilly Hodges of Templecombe take 6th section 7th Open vel 1350 ypm with a cross bred pigeon whose sire is from Sheldon Leonard of Ireland and the dam from Mark Dorrington. Bred in January and raced on the darkness system this young chequer hen was mated earlier in the season but has recently been separated and raced on the sliding door system.. She has had a number of races out to 83 miles with the WSRC. Gary would like to thank Mark Dorrington for the loan of the stock birds.


Topping the centre section and taking 9th Open is one to the Wantage loft of Kenny & Segesdy vel 1329 ypm. The partners write "Our section winner is becoming a real star, He was 1st Section F, 3rd open in the NFC Fourgeres race last week. He is a blue cheq cock. His breeding is a M&D Evans Gaby Vandenabeele X Mark Kidby Van Trieste. We sent 20 birds to the race and had 18 on the day. We would like to say a big thank you to Eamon Kelly for taking the birds to the marking station for us."

Crowley & Green come in at 2nd centre section and 10th Open. Richard Green gives the following information on the partners' first in the clock:-
"This was our final young bird race of the season and we sent a strong team of 22. The first bird clocked was a blue cock "18224" sent feeding a big youngster and sitting five days. He is bred for distance racing from a pair of stock birds obtained from the triple National winning loft of The Santens Brothers of Oudenaarde in Belgium. I was fortunate to visit Marc and Gerard in 2006 and came away with four cracking cocks but had to wait until 2007 when I went back and collected the hens to pair to them as none were available the previous year. One of these hens turned out to be a cock and when paired to one of the other hens has produced several winners including a NFC section winner from Poitiers and now also "18224". These Santen pigeons are increasingly making there mark in our lofts which is not bad considering that we have not bred many from them and those that we have often find themselves being raced and performing well elsewhere - I think more will have to be retained for our own use in the future. We clocked 7 other birds within 27 minutes and had 15 on the day with one more early the next morning, a cracking race and a nice end to the season."

The winner of the east section vel 1267 ypm, is a young cock racing to the Burnham on Crouch loft of none other than the ever present Meg Murray. The sire of Meg's youngster was actually the g/sire of the youngster that took 4th Open, 2nd Section a fortnight ago in the BICC's first YB race. He is three-quarters SVR, one quarter Soontjen and came from the loft of fellow club member Lee Bastone. Paired to different hens, this cock has produced some really good youngsters including the hen that bred the Guernsey1 young bird. Meg now only races with the BICC across the Channel and likes all her yb's to go to each race.
The birds had a much harder race this week and it was really hot in Meg's neck of the woods, but returns were very good, they were in excellent condition on return and were soon ranting round the loft.

Another partnership that has enjoyed a good season's racing with the BICC is that of J & J Brady of Benfleet in Essex. The Bradys clocked one of their young bird team to record a .velocity of 1257 ypm to take 2nd east section.
Mr & Mrs Turner & Ryder come in at 3rd East section vel 1254 ypm .

Mr & Mrs Crathorne as mentioned earlier take 1st North section 2nd Open with the Cannock fancier Graham Jones coming in at 2nd section. Graham enjoyed an excellent start to the BICC race programme with old birds winning 2 x 1sts North section.
The Ipswich partnership of Anthony and daughter Bethany Wright clocked another good one here for 3rd section, to follow up their section winning performance in the Guernsey 1 race of two weeks earlier. As outlined above the winners in the centre section were Kenny & Segesdy with Crowley & Green in the R/U spot. Another well known fancier and recent National winner, Roger Lowe of Reading comes in at 3rd centre section to complete the top three. Roger writes:- "I sent 13 late y/bs all had been on the dark getting 10 home on the day. First bird a hen bred from last seasons 2nd open central southern classic (GOLDEN CLASSIC )she is full sister to many winners , and bred from direct F&J Vandenheedes . Sire is (BLUE MOON ) a direct Vandenheede all the best De Raw Sablon blood lines .The birds are fed on versele Laga corn and raced on the A-Z system [make of that what you will!!].I would like to thank the BICC committee for giving us two Guernsey young bird races." <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Guernsey 2 OLD HENS.

The winner here is John Fretwell of Evesham. John also clocked the winner of the North section in the Guernsey1 Old Hens race a fortnight ago. In fact John's hens mopped up all the top four prizes in that race and look good for a hatful of other prizes here as his subsequent timers recorded vels of 1297,1292[2] and 1290 ypm. The Open winner actually took 4th section in the first Guernsey race beaten by her full sister.These are bred from Marcel Sangers pigeons bought direct from the fountainhead. John's widowhood hen team were mated to widowhood cocks early in the season and when their mates were lost racing John placed them in a separate section and only introduced some cocks into their section just prior to basketting for the Guernsey races - with dramatic effect. The Fretwell team also enjoyed a terrific race with the MNFC on the same day winning 1st Open to cap a terrific finish to the old bird season. A full loft report on the Fretwell team will appear shortly. Congratulations John on yet another terrific team performance.
Gary Carter of Childwickham comes in at 2nd west section 2nd Open . Gary also had a good bird in the BICC Tours race earlier in the season taking 2nd west section. Here he clocked a 2010 late bred hen bred from a Van den Bosch cock gifted to Gary by the late Geoff Clark . Gary's timer was racing back to a 10 day old squeaker and had previously been across the channel once earlier in the season.

Leon Hall of Oxford clocked for 1st centre section 3rd Open. After several abortive attempts I eventually made contact with Leon and he informed me that his two year old blue hen was having her third channel crossing of the season as she had been entered in the BICC Guernsey 1 race plus the NFC Fougeres race the week before Guernsey 2, Sent feeding a 14 day old young bird she is bred down from Norman Sibley's Multi first prizewinning Fed cock of Ceulemans bloodlines.

Mr & Mrs Crathorne of Manchester got one of their hen team to take 1st North section 4th Open to follow up their 1st section 2nd Open performance in the young bird race. The partners clocked a blue hen "Kiln Radha" for 1st Section, 4th Open " .Sire bred from Martin Greetham (Essex) bloodlines crossed with a daughter of " Kiln Razor ".

Cosmin Talas of Kidlington, near Oxford takes 2nd centre section 5th Open .The sire of of the hen is a direct son of Ace One Day Long Distance Bird winner of 1st National 7,256 birds and 2nd National 8,300 birds in Holland as a yearling from 400 miles when paired to a winner of 4 x 1st Combine from 5,500birds to 14,500 birds. He is also the father of "Jim"1st Club, 8th Fed 1100 birds, 1st Club, 9th Fed 1125 birds, "Darius" 1st Croddy Nom NFC 2011, 4th Sec 280 birds, 46th Open Messac NFC 5,766 birds, 15th Sect 340 birds, 293 th Open Messac NFC 5,752 birds, "Bas" 33rd Open BICC International Agen, 9th Sec Fourges NFC 410 birds, 11th Sec, 106th Open NFC Saintes 3,614 birds, 12th Sect, 223rd Open Saintes NFC, 18th Sec 428 birds, 226th Nantes 8,745 birds.
The Dam of the hen is bred by Mark Gilbert from Southfield Supreme 1st International Dax when Supreme was mated to a daughter of Euro Diamond. The 5th Open winner had only one race this year two weeks ago with the BICC and hadn't been trained at all. Cosmin sent 3 hens and one young bird to the race and had them all on the day.

J & J Brady of Benfleet in Essex are there yet again with one to take 1st East section 6th Open. The Bradys have this to say about their section winning hen:-
"Our section winning yearling hen was having her 5th consecutive channel race in as many weeks having flown Le-Mans-Vire-Guernsey- Fougeres and back to Guernsey as did most of our team of 23 old hens. We retired 3 hens prior to this Guernsey race so it was a nice surprise to find another star, all 23 hens survived the racing and like her were all sent sitting 10 day old youngsters. She is bred from our direct Jos Thone pigeons, her Sire was 7th NFC YB Carentan 2010 and his Sire was 2nd NFC YB St Malo 08.
Our second section young bird is bred from Jos Thone's best stock pigeons, her sire is from a brother of Emperor paired to a sister of Avril and her Dam is from the father of National 2 paired to a daughter of Gumball / Sumy. She is a very nervous hen who has always had difficulty trapping she was only racing to perch but this race fortunately she arrived with our old hen and trapped better than her. We are looking forward to racing her next year". .

Provisionally in at 7th Open and 3rd west section old hens is the Bristol partnership of R.E.Taylor & sons with a yearling chequer .W /F which had previously only had one race as a young bird from Carentan. Bred from the race birds and sent unpaired but eyeing up a sitting cock, she arrived in excellent condition with another Old Hen from a Norwich fancier.

Third centre section 8th Open was one to the Woking partnership of Mr & Mrs Chaplin.
Mick clocked a three year old hen of Soontjen bloodlines that was 58th Open in the first Guernsey race two weeks earlier. Used as a widowhood hen earlier in the season, she was re mated and sent to this race sitting 10 day eggs. The partners also had four more hens close behind and all these should appear well up on the final result plus a young bird that looks to be in the top 30 of the young bird result, so all in all a good day's racing for the partners.

At 9th Open and 2nd North section is the Lowestoft partnership of Thompson & May Brothers. Trevor and Graham clocked a yearling blue hen that was purchased from Evans & Cuthbert. She proved to be a consistent racer in her first year and this season has been raced celibate being housed with the young bird team and treated as a young bird. However, just prior to basketting for the Guernsey race she started to take a keen interest in one of her young loft mates!

Meg Murray comes in once more with one of her old hens racing to a big youngster to take 2nd east section 10th Open. The same hen was entered in the Guernsey 1 race a fortnight earlier sitting the same baby but came about half an hour behind her first bird. This time she was obviously much keener sent feeding a much bigger youngster and was obviously anxious to make sure all was well. She is a blood red 2yr old with quite a mixture of bloodlines in her pedigree.
Since the OB racing season finished, the old hens have been sent as trainers every week with the YB's and they also went on the Leigh on Sea transporter for mid-week training to Ash. Once again Meg says 'thanks' to Pam and John Gladwin for running this invaluable service at no reward to themselves.

So as it stands the section prize winners in the Old Hens race are:-
North section.
1st Mr & Mrs Crathorne.
2nd.Thompson & May Brothers.
3rd. Graham Seaman.
Centre Section.
1st. Leon Hall.
2nd. Cosmin Talas.
3rd. Mr & Mrs Chaplin.
East Section.
1st J & J Brady.
2nd. Meg Murray.
3rd. Mr& Mrs Turner & Ryder.
West Section.
1st. J.D. Fretwell.
2nd.Gary Carter.
3rd. R.E. Taylor & Son.

Before finishing this report I have been asked by Chairman Albi Deacon to thank the officials at the Horndean marking station for all their hard work and unstinting support of the BICC throughout the season. I must also thank our generous sponsors for their support and wish all associated with this great club all the very best for the future-many thanks and good luck to you all. BICC presentation weekend on the 8th to 10th February one certainly not to be missed.

Gareth Watkins