The first of the Guernsey Young Bird and Old Hens races took place after a one day. holdover on Sunday 25th August when  1,458.young birds and 720 Old Hens were liberated at 11.30 am. Weather conditions at the race point were excellent and with a steadying light north westerly wind in the channel and good weather forecast to come in ahead of the pigeons on the mainland everything looked good for a good steady race.  The convoy included 25 birds from the Emerald Isle made up of 17 old hens and 8 young birds. These were delivered to Russell Bradford's home in Northamptonshire at 6 am on basketting day by G & R Couriers. Russell was telling me that the courier service was first class with regular updates as to the whereabouts of the consignment of birds and estimated time of delivery. On arrival all the birds were seen to be in pristine condition and were a credit to their owners:-
Joe Maghery, John and Willy Smollen, Gary Doyle, Danny O'Neill, John and Mick Murphy, John Murphy, Robert Fox, Billy Brooks, Jason Byrne and Sheldon Leonard & son.
As a matter of interest to the Irish participants, both Gary Tomlinson and Sheldon Leonard have put up a £50 prize for the first bird to be clocked into Ireland.

This is race advisor John Tyerman's report on the preparations for liberation.
"After several weeks of  reasonably good weather the weekend for our first Guernsey YB and Old Hens National proved to be a difficult one for pigeon racing.    On Thursday I  had spoken with Steve Appleby our Weather  Advisor and even at that point it was fairly obvious that a race on the Saturday was unlikely  due to the heavy rain forecast for many parts of the UK.     Marking went ahead as planned and Chief Convoyer  Trevor Cracknell, later reported a safe arrival at Guernsey on Friday afternoon.   Both the CSCFC and LSECC birds were also on site for their yb races.   
         I spoke with Steve Appleby  on Friday evening and he again confirmed the unfavourable  weather conditions for Saturday - this information was relayed to our Convoyers on site at Guernsey.   A further  weather discussion took place early on Saturday morning and as there was no change it was decided to 'hold over'   The weather for Sunday was forecast to be better and again this information was relayed to our Convoyers at Guernsey.    
       Sunday dawned very chilly  with drizzle and poor light here on the Solent, (Sussex area)  and this belt of bad weather extended across most of South East England.   Steve confirmed that this weather front would clear by mid to late morning and advised we would have to wait for this clearance, before we could liberate.   The weather on Guernsey was good with mainly blue skies and eventually at 11-30am  the birds were liberated into a north west wind shown as around 17mph in the Channel.   This wind later freshened and here on the Solent area it turned ENE force 5 by mid afternoon, which made it  a much harder fly for the birds, as the velocities show. Ideally it would have been better to have had an earlier liberation and holding till  Monday was considered,  but with strengthening north east winds forecast for that day, it was felt Sunday was the best option taking into account all the overall  weather conditions which are clearly outlined in Steve Appleby's  detailed weather report.   Later on the Sunday afternoon I spoke with our Chief Convoyer and he reported that some time after the  various  liberations  a batch or around 200 birds had returned to the Island and had landed on the CSCFC transporter.     At his stage we are not able to say which organisation they were from but they could of course have been BICC pigeons that would not face the wind.  Hopefully many of these birds will be repatriated in due course.      Thanks  again  to   Steve Appleby and Convoyers Trevor and Steve who as usual did a good job in looking after the birds welfare.'

John Tyerman
Race Advisor

Here is weatherman Steve Appleby's weather report.
"At first light heavy rain was identified over the Channel Isles moving away in a southwards direction towards northern France. Rain was also affecting south eastern England and the east side of the Channel only. Central and western areas of the Channel were clear. The forecast for this rain to dissipate proved correct as by 10:00 hours conditions had vastly improved clearing the flight path from Guernsey across the Channel to the English mainland. I informed John Tyerman of these developments with the weather conditions. The view over the Channel Isles was mainly of blue skies and some broken cloud with visibility reported as far as the eye could see. Over the Channel winds in the morning were north, north westerly moderate to fresh but veered to northerly by midday. By the afternoon they changed again to north easterly. Although the weather conditions were good, without doubt the northerly element in wind made this race a very testing one with many pigeons having difficulties facing the wind. "
Steve Appleby.

The Young Bird race.

I should point out right at the outset that all [positions quoted below are based on first bird verifications. The final result may well differ considerably.
In first Centre section and  first Open position vel 1081 ypm, was one to Roger Lowe of Reading. Roger has enjoyed another good season's racing with the BICC as he featured near the top of a number of the old bird race results. This is what Roger has to say about his latest of many classic race wins:-
,"My young bird, now named THE 02 ,is a full sister to a pigeon i call SMALL DELIGHT which is a winner of1 st sec 1 st Open Central Southern Classic [o/h] Carentan  and 2nd sec 2nd Open National FC [o/h] Fougeres plus  4th sec 33rd  Open national BBC Fougeres [o/h] .Both being double grand children of MY LITTLE DIAMOND, winner of 1 st Open y/b national NFC in her only ever race. She has since gone on to be the best breeding hen I have ever owned in my 40 years in the sport. She is dam to last season's  NFC  young bird National winner NEMESIS and also dam to MAIN  MAN winner of 2nd and 3rd Open  NFC Saintes in 2011/12 and dam and grand dam to 1st Fed 1st Open BBC. THE 02 was having her fourth race of the season being raced on the A-Z system[?????]

In second centre section and Second Open is that man again Mark Gilbert of Winkfield recording 1076 ypm. Mark had three birds drop together and they were in order-,
The first on the clock was from a son of Mark's 2nd open NFC Saintes in 2011 when he was paired to a daughter of his 1st Open NFC Saintes in 2011
The second on the clock was from a son of Golden Gaby when he was paired to a daughter of Vanderbeele,s "Loverboy"
The third was from a son  Southfield Supreme when he was paired to direct Van Elsaker hen

Coming in next at 3rd centre section 3rd Open is one to the top long distance loft of Mr & Mrs Ken Hine vel 1074ypm. As most will no doubt know, Ken sadly passed away a couple of years ago but the loft is still active on the racing scene and is now managed by Mark Currivan and Gary Woodward, Ken's grandson and son in law,with Jeff Byles as loft manager. The Charville timer is a chequer hen now named Charville Beckie. The Sire of Beckie is blue cock which is currently  on loan from Peter Sabba and was  bought from Premeir Stud's Herman Cuesters.
Dam: Blue Chequer late bred, on loan from Garry Inkley, bred by Garry Inkley out of his own racers.

Charville Beckie is a darkness baby  and was sent sitting eggs 16 days at basketting. As with all the youngsters at Charville Lofts she is Fed Gerry Plus for the morning meal with Versele Laga young bird mix as the afternoon meal.
She has been well trained from all points of the compass  as well as several tosses off the south coast and has had 5 club races to 130 miles before going to Guernsey and has always been consist.
 Fourth Open and 4th centre section goes to a youngster racing to the Portsmouth loft of Jason Ross. Jason clocked young Vandenabeele hen on 1051 ypm.
This is what Jason had to tell me about his race:-
"Can I start by congatulating Roger for winning the race. When my bird came I think she thought she had won it as she nearly went straight through the shed when trapping. She is a Vandenabeele bred down from my original birds purchased from Tony Carter's clearance sale. My young birds are raced on roundabout but also trained to Bournemouth 2-3 times a week weather permitting. They are fed on Gem corn from Brian & Viv Wall and treated whenever necessary depending on test results from Pigeon health/De Weerdt. This year the young birds have been fantastic so far, taking 22 out of a possible 30 club cards up for grabs and always being well up in the Federation. I was also 5th open CSCFC this week and 2nd Solent Federation. This year has been a good year in the Nationals being 2nd open NFC Cholet  and going one better and winning the NFC Saintes race. I would like to say a big thank you to my partner Kala as these results would not be possible without all of her help. Finally I would like to thank the BICC team for looking after the birds so well."

The Reading husband and wife partnership of Dave and Louisa Lee come in next on 1049 ypm to take fifth centre section fifth Open. The partners clocked  a Janssen Koopman chequer cock flown on the darkness system and bred by Brian Murray of Cheshire. The Lees have enjoyed great success racing pigeons bred by Brian as they have won every young bird race in their club thus far this season. The brother to this Guernsey timer, also bred by Brian Murray is a winner of 1st Fed  so the Murray connection is certainly paying off for Dave and Louisa.

Topping the East section,vel1035 ypm and winning sixth Open,  is one to Basildon fancier Dean Childs. Dean clocked a chequer hen a grand daughter of Mark Gilbert's NFC Saintes winner. When Dean restarted in the sport a few years back he went straight to the Fountainhead so to speak and sourced his stock birds from Mark Gilbert. Dean's section winner was bred in January and she has been flown on the darkness system and was at Guernsey in an Open race two weeks earlier. In the intervening two weeks she has been tossed at 50 miles three times to keep her on the boil. All Dean's young birds are fed Versele Laga Superstar Plus to appetite.

We move back to the centre section for the winner of seventh Open to Portsmouth fancier A J Hounsell. Unfortunately, after several attempts to contact Mr Hounsell I was unsuccessful so there are no details of his pigeon.

Wearn Brothers and Neil come in next at 7th centre section 8th Open vel1026 ypm. Yet again I was unsuccessful in making contact with the Wearn brothers, so there is unfortunately, no details on their pigeon.
Dr Steven Plummer of Upper Beeding, West Sussex takes 8th centre section and 9th Open  with a blue chequer Lefebre Dhaenens x Janssen hen doing 1,014.796 ypm. Hatched mid-April and  flying natural to the perch with five flights to throw on each wing . She is bred down from a long line of north road federation winners on both sides of her pedigree, and her dam was 13th Section A, 234th Open with the NFC from Fougeres. Steve is a Principal Lecturer in Manufacture at the University of Brighton and has kept pigeons since he was ten years old and when I contacted him on Monday 26th August, I found out that Steve and his wife, Lorraine, were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, so it was a good weekend for them it all round with five of his nine BICC young birds home on the day. Steve has recently returned to the sport since he had his lofts smashed up and his pigeons stolen in 2006.

The final place in the top ten of the Open result goes to the  Portsmouth partnership of Ken and son Lee Cleife who clocked a German rung youngster. This one was one of a batch of five babies bought at a show in Belgium earlier this year. Raced on the darkness system, he has had two inland races plus numerous training tosses from all points of the compass in the lead up to Guernsey. The youngsters are trained daily from around 30 miles and on their return they are fed in to their one daily meal of Gerry plus with the addition of some sweet seeds. This amounts to one and a half or one and a quarter ounces per bird per day.

 The North section was won by a bird racing to the Wootton lofts of Phil Lane and son Kevin on 1004 ypm and this was good enough to finish at 12th Open. The partners clocked a blue hen of Leo Van Rhijn bloodlines bred from a pair of direct Van Rhijns. She was bred in late February and hd been to every club race supplemented with plenty of private training. All birds when racing are fed a good widowhood mixture from Versele Laga. The partners were previously keen on north road racing but switched to the south road two years ago and have continued their winning ways in both directions.
In second spot is one to Lutterworth fancier Peter Oliver. Peter clocked an April reared chequer pied cock from his old reliable family of Logans. The cock was having his first race having been previously well trained out to 60 miles. The sire has flown Tarbes into Leicestershire on three occasions whilst the dam has won 1st section BICC Pau International a couple of years back.
Michel and Rene Houpe come in for third north section with a very latebred chequer pied hen of Van Hee bloodlines, bred and gifted to the Houpes by their good friend Dave Lyden of milton Keynes. Guernsey was the young hen's third race of the season

The west section winner was clocked at the Devizes loft of Robert Brown. Robert is another fancier who has enjoyed an excellent season's racing with the BICC, as with old birds he finished with a 1st section and 3rd Open Alencon plus 3rd section Le Mans. The Guernsey section winner, a  hen, has had five inland races with the West of England Combine being very consistent , in fact in her last two races she has been  Robert's second bird to the loft. The hen had been sitting on dummy eggs for 16 days  so Robert decided to slip a day old chick under her so by the time she went to the race she had been sitting on it for 5 days.
Bloodlines are a combination of Reg Venner lines through Morgan and West of Abergavenny which were introduced in 2012.

Dax International winner and one of the UK's finest fanciers, none other than Brian Sheppard of Trowbridge, comes in next at 2nd section with one of his two entries. This one is a dark grizzle cock raced on the darkness system and bred from two NFC section winners. Both parents containing all the old west country bloodlines of R & M Venner and Trueman Dicken ,with a bit of Welsh influence to add to the mix. The cock had been to every race in the young bird programme leading up to Guernsey. Brian had his second bird home later in the day to record 100% returns.
At third west section is a young blue pied hen recording a velocity of 785 ypm to the Evesham loft of Mr I Carenza. Bloodlines are Cattrysse x Staf Van Reet and the hen was being driven to nest on basketting and in fact layed her first egg promptly on return.

The winner in the East section is one to Dean Childs, as stated above.
Taking second east section and 13th Open is one to Gladwin,Jarvis & Family. John Gladwin gives the following information about their timer:-
"I had 2 y/bs come together they were both having there 2nd race of their life being privately trained and sent last week with the Thames, the first one on the clock is a Formula 1 lofts bred Frans Zwols the sire is The Pomeroy cock he was raced by Frans Zwols and brought by Formula 1 lofts, racing he won 1st  983 birds, 9th 3,114 birds, 23rd 11,424 birds, 37th 10,937 birds, 68th 16,281 birds. Not only is The Pomeroy cock a great racer he is also the only son in the UK direct from Dutch Prince and De Diamant, the parents of the 3 Musketiers who are responsible for at least 75 x 1st including first against massive birdage of up to 19,476 birds the pomeroy cock is also turning into a very good breeder being sire and g.sire to winners and good birds out to 9,706 birds.
The dam of our first bird is the wonder breeding Frans Zwols hen 052 Direct from Argon a winner of 1st 6,158 birds, 3rd 1,924 birds, 5th 19,913 birds, 7th 11,716 birds, 9th 6,172 birds what a pigeon. The dam of 052 is Truke (inbred to Boy & Queen) Truke is dam and g.dam to at least 10x1sts plus 1st 10,944 birds, 1st 2,405 birds, 2nd 2,504 birds, 3rd 3,078 birds, 4th 12,036 birds, 7th 11,075 birds, 9th 11,427 birds. also 12x1sts in England including 1st WOESRC 4,010 birds, 1st WOESRC Falaise and 2 x 1st champion young bird 400 members and old bird of the year in the Towers club. 052 herself is turning into a super breeder being dam g.dam of winners already including 1st club, 1st open Thames in the hardest race in the Thames in 2012, 1st club, 1st open Thames 2013, 3rd club 3rd open Thames (beat by 2 loft mates on the trap), 4th club 4th open Thames (Beat by 1 second for 1st open), 4th club 4th open Thames , 4th club 8th open Thames , 6th club 9th open Thames, 10th club 11th open Thames, 13th sec 43rd open L&SECC Vire, 1st section and 1st open G.R National Flying Club, 24th section E, 29th open NFC in the very hard 2012 NFC y/b race, being the first bird into Essex by about 2 min. 3 x 1st club (Pitsea) 10th Essex Central Fed plus other cards. In only 3 breeding seasons this super hen is responsible for winners on the north rd and south rd and across the channel on easy and hard days.
Our 2nd bird clocked a couple of seconds later like the first bird was bred by Formula 1 lofts this time a Frans Zwols Cross Leo Hereman both parents are 2012 birds and this was the first y/b raced from them, the nestmate was my 4th pigeon home. the sire is a direct Leo Hereman and the dam is a Grizzle hen bred by Frans Zwols that was purchased at Doncaster from Stuart Wilcox auctions".

Third East section and provisionally 13th Open is one to the Burnham on Crouch loft of ace lady fancier Meg Murray. Meg's timer here is a young
cock that has competed in every yb race this season and has performed well
in all weather conditions. Meg says she was lucky enough to escape yb
sickness this year so the birds were fit to get out and onto the
transporter to train and race very week.
The parents of the yb were given to her by Lee Bastone who flies in the same club as her and lives just a few yards away, as the pigeon flies!
Lee's Dad had some of the best of the Mardon birds and the yb's sire was bred from one of his  Mardon Van Reet cocks paired to a Soontjen hen. The cock was a full brother to the Radar hen.
The yb's dam is a lovely Soontjen hen with Sabre and Secret in her pedigree.
She is an '07 hen and he is an '05 cock.  The oldest pair in the stock loft, but obviously still producing great youngsters.

 Section prize winners are as follows:-
1st. Dean Childs vel 1035.5 ypm.
2nd.Gladwin ,Jarvis & Family vel 999ypm
3rd. Meg Murray vel 996 ypm
1st. P Lane & son vel 1004 ypm.
2nd. P.T.Oliver vel 825ypm.
3rd.Michel & Rene Houpe vel 666 ypm.
1st. Roger Lowe vel 1081.
2nd. Mark Gilbert vel 1076.
3rd. Mr & Mrs Ken Hine vel1074.
1st.R. T. Brown vel 923.
2nd. Brian Sheppard vel 842.
3rd.I. Carenza vel 785.

The Old Hens Race.
Taking the major prize of first Open here is one to the partnership of P Jackson & son of Bromley in Kent. The partners clocked ..... for a velocity of 1071 ypm.
This is what Lee has to say about their National win:-
"August has been a good month for us being 1st 2nd 3rd Surrey Fed Blandford 3rd August and taking the first 11 positions in the Surrey federation West Bay 17th August an over the moon month!   Just a few words to explain our performances we have flown as a partnership for many years My late father Peter always giving  sound advice, he sadly passed away 23rd October 2011 and has been greatly missed with my son growing up and now working we find the ever increasing work load to race pigeons at the highest level more difficult than ever.
There is no doubt introducing pigeons that perform in big competition is an important factor when stepping up into the bigger National races. This we did when purchasing a direct daughter of the ''world champion'' multiple Golden Duif winner Jos Thone ace producer Sumo, ‘’Sumo’s princess’’ purchased by us and Grand Dam of our 1st National Flying Club Forgeres  and she is now also the Grand Dam of our 1st Open British International Championship Club Guernsey 2013.
Our hens have been raced widowhood and celibate for the whole season and due to the adverse racing we decided  this year to pair our hens and re focus them  for the love of their loft.
Last year we were not happy with the early performances of our hens - dull skies east winds and poor conditions we felt the birds needed time to grow confidence and to get some ‘’good sun on their backs’’ as my father would state. We sent our yearlings to their first race of the season which was ‘’Le Mans’’ again a steady race finishing 3rd open on 1264ypm. We sent to the London South East CC Old hens event Vire and won 1st open 1st sect E 1430 ypm along with 18th 21st 37th 38th 44th 45th 46th 50th 54th open. Meanwhile, we continued to send to the B.I.C.C Guernsey with our team of yearling hens and we finished 3rd open 3rd sect  1538 ypm with a yearling hen and had a fantastic race with our yearlings.
 She  was bred for the Woodside of Croydon’s Golden Ring Race  but failed to score. She is a double Grand daughter of my base foundation cock ‘’The Golden Eye cock" when paired with ‘’Sumo’s Princess’’ Grand dam to ‘’THE OUTLAW’’ cock 1st Open NFC Forgeres. Again ace producer SUMO responsible for winners all over Europe including this Grand Daughter ‘’ Silent Lady ‘’ 1st open 1st sect e BICC Guernsey 2013.
Our second arrival was a direct daughter to our 1st Open NFC Forgeres ‘’The Outlaw Cock’’ when paired to our ace channel hen ‘’National Lady" Grand daughter of the world famous Jos Thone "Sars", ace son of ‘’Karl Schellens’’ bird "National 1" now put to stock 4th open NFC Guernsey o.h (2007) 22nd open NFC St. Malo old hens (2008) 47th open NFC Forgeres (2009) and many other quality positions. She is an absolute quality hen now breeding the goods.
‘’401’’ was 52nd open Guernsey 2012 beaten by a loft mate winning £144 she has raced consistently this year and has excelled this year to possibly 3rd open velocity 1021 ypm picture of her sitting hatching after the race".
There you have it then, a partnership that set itself goals to achieve and went right out there and did it by purchasing top quality stock from the fountainhead. Congratulations Lee and Joe on a terrific National win.

In the runner up spot is an absolute racing machine to the Chadwell St Mary loft of D Wilton & son recording 1059 ypm. Rob and son Andrew's timer is a 3 yr old Brasspenning hen raced on the widowhood system, To say that she is very consistent would be an understatement. Take a look at her prizes listed below:-
As a young bird.
38th Open NFC St Malo.
28th Open Falaise BICC
163rd Open LSECC Guernsey.
then as an old bird

11th BICC Guernsey.
16 th LSECC Vire .
26th LSECC  Carenton.
36th LSECC Vire.
60th NFC Fourgeres .
72nd NFC  Fourgues
91st LSECC Vire.
A very handy tool to have at hand that one!
In 3rd East section 3rd Open is the Mount Lessing partnership of  Keith Gosling and Mick Jarvis.
The partnership timed a well fancied and pooled yearling cheq hen Rosheen this was her second ever channel race in her previous one she was 19th sect 37th nat Messac BBC race. She is the last daughter of champion racer and breeder "Brown Ring", this hen was the partnerships 1st sect 1st open NFC winner from Guernsey her other performances are as follows :-
1st club 1st fed Chichester; 2nd sect 33rd open Guernsey; 2nd club 2nd fed 46th open Bihorel ;2nd club 5th fed 90th open Gellainville; 1st club 4th Fed Isle of Wight; 2nd sect 11th Open Guernsey; 100th sect 310th Open Guernsey; 1st club 1st Fed Portsmouth then put to stock where she has bred numerous prize winners.
 The sire of Rosheen was Champion Matt one of the partnerships best racing cocks his performances are as follows:-
 17th sect 27th open Alencon, 19th sect 60th open Alencon, 30th sect 154th open Tours, 5th sect 11th open Pau ( on day of liberation ) 13th sect 112th open Alencon ,11th sect 47th open Bergerac ( on day of liberation ) 18th sect 167th open Tours,11th sect 24th open Tarbes then put to stock.

Rosheen was sent to the race sitting eggs and feeding two large youngsters the partnership sent twelve hens to the race all on the same nesting conditions and clocked two more quickly after and they should both feature high up in the result.

The hens were raced on widowhood the early part of the season and have been paired for the old hens races the partnerships returns were good 10 from 12.They have been trained daily with the young birds and fed VL widowhood mix..

Provisionally 1st North section and 4th Open BICC Old Hens is Tony Brown a septuagenarian   and life long fancier who races with his son in partnership. Tony is a popular club member who loves his B I C C races and tries to compete in as many races as he can especially from the channel from a  very small back garden loft,    Tony started the season with 10 pair of races & 4 pair of stock after giving a few ybs away which he always does, he was left with a yb team of just 16 !!  His section winning hen was having her 4th channel race of the year as she had previously taken 3rd Alencon and had 3rd club Guernsey last year. She has now been across the pond 8 times and is bred from stock obtained from local fancier Kevin Linley she is 3/4 Dordin  and 1/4 Jan Aarden.... Tony had been getting her wound  up for this race and was his fancied  pigeon of the 2 old hens sent,

That excellent lady fancier Meg Murray from Burnham on Crouch Essex comes in next with a hen on 997 ypm to take 4th East section 5th Open. This is what Meg has to say about her old hen timer:-
The pedigree for Meg's Old Hen reads like a recipe Mr Heinz would be proud of!  Almost but not quite 57 varieties.The sire is quite straightforward - a Vandenabeele cock that came to me from Stuart Ager when we exchanged half a dozen youngsters four years ago. He is down through a Mark Evans bird and Stuart named him  The Roman Lord.He did actually win the LSECC yb race for  me and went on to breed some super youngsters.
The dam was  also racing alongside her daughter on Sunday and came a creditable fourth to the loft. She is an '07 hen and has a bit Soontjen, a bit Van Reet, a bit Busschaert, a bit Northeast and a bit County Durham in her blood! "
When Meg moved south some years ago,she brought with her some Kavanagh pigeons bought at auction in Gateshead and they proved to be the basis for her success in the first few years in Essex. She has also been given some more of these super Busschaert pigeons from Craig Booth of Hartlepool and they too have been at the top of the results sheet over the years. The 5th Open's dam came from one of those Kavanagh hens crossed with a cock that Meg was given by fellow club mate, Lee Bastone. He gave her a pair of Soontjens with a bit of Van Reet in the cock and as well as playing a part in the Old Hen's breeding, this pair were also directly responsible for breeding her yb that did so well in Sunday's race taking 13th Open on the provisional result

Sarah Adelsberg of Sandwich and yet another successful lady fancier, clocked a three year old hen to record 985 ypm to finish 5th east section 6th Open. She is a smokey chequer from a Jos Thone hen and a Tommy Sparkes Corman As a yearling she won Nonnington club race from Lyndhurst She has flown Bergerac twice coming second club last year. (Beaten by a loft mate who won the Fed!)She took a week to come home from Alencon BICC in July this year! Was sent to Guernsey to make amends which she has done...flying to her cock bird..

The well known triple Europa Cup winning partnership of F.Knowles & son of Wingham in Kent come in for 6th sect 7th Open vel 984 ypm. This is what Sarah Knowles tells me regarding their timer, which is something special:-
"Simon’s old hen is GB 09N 81039 a lovely dark hen called "Bedhampton Express" because her preparation for this race was all with the Wingham Flying Club from Bedhampton . She has won over 10 x 1sts in  inland races and  her nest mate was 20th Open NFC Old Hens 2011 and her Sire has won 9 x 1sts over his racing career.
Short and sweet I know but you know Simon".

The centre section winner was clocked at the Banstead loft of Vic Emberson and this one is good enough for 8th Open vel 981 ypm. This Staf Van Reet hen's previous wins are;  

 4 th sect 9th Open  Falaise 2009  BI CC
 2nd sect 6th Open  Guernsey 2011 BI CC
13th sect 50 th Open Guernsey BI CC but returned and had been hawked !!

The winner of 2nd centre section 9th Open vel 977 ypm is a yearling hen racing to the young bird section at the Southfield Lofts of Mark Gilbert. She is bred from a son of Southfield Supreme 1st International Dax 17,000 birds when paired to a daughter of Goldern Gaby from M and D Evans ..

Next up and completing the top ten on the provisional result is one to  the young bird race winner Roger Lowe who gives the following details:-
" My old hen is a full sister to NEMESIS (winner of last season y/b national NFC ) so she is a daughter of MY LITTLE DIAMOND. This hen has also won 8th sec 28 th Open  BICC Guernsey; 10 th Fed Carentan 1,647birds; 17th sect 47th Open  BICC Le Mans 2,182birds and is raced on the widowhood hen system."
A full loft report on Roger will appear shortly.

The North section winners, A J.Brown & son taking 4th Open, have already been highlighted above.
In second spot is a four year old  blue pied hen of Louella Van Geel bloodlines for Keith Latham of Southwold. The hen has been used as a widowhood hen for the last three seasons but due to Keith's illness, she has been raced on the natural system this season and as such has raced through to Alencon with the BICC. She was then separated for a few weeks and re introduced to her mate just prior to basketting for Guernsey. Here's wishing you a full recovery from your illness Keith.

Neil Weatherhead of Bungay completes the top three in the west section with a three year old Southwell x Supercrack blue hen. Once again this is an example of a widowhood hen being brought out of semi retirement so to speak. She lost her mate mid way through the season and was then given a couple of club races and lifted into NFC Saintes. On her return from Saintes she was re mated and allowed an open loft and sent to Guernsey sitting due to hatch.

 The West section winner was clocked at the Street loft of R & R Wilton recording 865 ypm. This six year old hen was sent just showing to her mate having been separated for a short time in the week before basketting for Guernsey. She is a previous winner on the North road and is bred from one of the Wilton's top pigeons "Bob" who is himself a winner of 1st section 2nd Open NFC Saintes when mated to Phyllis a winner of 2nd section 3rd Open NFC Fougeres Old Hens. Blob is also in the breeding of Rob Wilton's 1st sect 7th Open NFC Saintes winner this year. Bloodlines being Janssen x Jan Aarden.
 The Dorchester partnership of Spracklen & Thomas come in next with one on 769 ypm for 2nd west section. Their timer is.a three year old hen containing all the very best of Mark Gilbert's Dax International winner Southfield Supreme bloodlines. She has been used as a widowhood hen all season and housed in a hen box in the garage. Once old bird racing was over she was reintroduced to the racing loft and this Guernsey race was her first outing of the season sent sitting eggs - her first of the season. She is a previous winner of 9th sect 23rd Open CSCFC Tarbes so  would be too good  a pigeon for most to use as a widowhood cocks stay at home mate.
Way out west at the Abertillery loft of Mark Sparey is where we find the winner of 3rd West section [ vel 730 ypm]. Mark has enjoyed another good season in classic and National races and in the Guernsey race he clocked a yearling blue hen sitting eggs for just a few days. She had previously flown the channel three times earlier in the season winning National positions on two occasions including 18th Open Carentan. The hen is bred in the purple as her sire is probably the lofts top stock cock - The £30 Cock and her dam is bred by Mark Gilbert and contains James Bond and Syndicate loft bloodlines.

The section prize winners are:-

1. P Jackson & son vel 1071.
2. D Wilton & son vel 1059.
3.Gosling & Jarvis vel1013.
1.A.J.Brown & son vel 1002
2.Keith Latham vel 965 .
3.Neil Weatherhead vel 964 .
1,Vic Emberson vel 981.
2nd Mark Gilbert vel 977.
3. Roger Lowe vel 974.
1. R & R Wilton vel 865.
2.Spracklen & Thomas vel 769.
3. Mark Sparey vel 730.

......And finally, the winners of the very generous House of Aarden sponsored young birds, each one valued at between £250-£450.
Pau International:- Geoff & Catherine Cooper.
Agen International:- Mark Gilbert.
Barcelona:- Mannor Lofts.
St Vincent:- Vince and Dai Padfield.
Marseille:- David Hales.
Perpignan:- R Pearmain & Son.
Could the above winners please contact Steve and Lesley at the House of Aarden to arrange collection/delivery of their young birds as soon as possible please as the Stud is in the process of being moved from Exeter to Cornwall and Steve and Lesley would like all young birds with their new owners before the completion of the move.
 On a final not, I have to say that this has been one of the most frustrating races to report on, as on many occasions I could not contact the winning fanciers. Despite phoning some a number of times and leaving messages plus emailing others, many either couldn't be bothered to take the time or make the effort to contact me with details of their winning pigeons.
 As a result I have to tell you that, in future, if I fail to make contact on the first attempt, with any of the winning fanciers  I will not phone or email a second time. The onus is then on you to  get in contact with me with the details of your winning pigeons.

Gareth Watkins

Roger Lowe 1st Open BICC Guernsey 1 YBs

Roger Lowe 1st Guernsey1 YBGB13N18502

Lee Jackson 1st Open BICC Guernsey1 OH

1st Open BICC Guernsey1 OH GB11E43975

Dave Lee of the Mr & Mrs Lee partnership 5th section 5th Open BICC Guernsey 1 YB's

Dean Childs 3rd Open BICC Tours 2012 & 1st sect 6th Open Guernsey1 YB's 2013

DrSteve Plummer prov 8th sect 9th Open BICC Guernsey1 YB's

Gosling & Jarvis 3rd sect 3rd Open Guernsey1 OH

Jason Ross of Portsmouth 4th Open BICC Guernsey1

Mark Currivan Ken Hine's grand son with some other grand children.The Hine loft was 3rd Open BICC Guernsey1 YB

Mark Gilbert prov 2nd sect 2nd Open Guernsey1 YB's & 2nd sect 9th Open OH's

Phil Lnae 1st North section 12th Open BICC Guernsey1 YB's

Meg Murray 3rd sect 15th Open guernsey 1 YB 4th sect 5th Open Guernsey 1 OH

Rob and Andrew Wilton 4th open BICC Le Mans&2nd section 2nd Open Guernsey1OH's

Robert Brown of Devizes 1st west section Guernsey young birds with his granddaughter Jessica

Simon Knowles and daughterLucy and son Ryan. Simon is provisionally 6th sect 7th Open Guernsey1 OH

Vic Emberson 1st section 8th Open BICC Guernsey1 OH's