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The AA and YB Races Saturday 8th, September planned originally for Fougeres are now changed to GUERNSEY

1,900 Young Birds & 563 Any Age Pigeons entered.
The BICC Guernsey National pigeons have been liberated at 7:45 am today, Saturday, 8th September, 2018, into good weather with blue skies and sunshine. They cleared well in a very light south west wind that may turn more westerly in mid-channel. Visibility in the channel is given in excess of 25 miles and although there is some cloud formation we are hopeful for a good race.

John Tyerman, Mark Gilbert and Steve Appleby. BICC Race Advisors.

Message from John Ghent (Press Officer)
If you are in the Provisional first 3 in your Section please forward relevant details of the pigeon by Email to Any photos to be sent must be sent on Email. Once the final result is known John will be in touch with the first 10 in the Open Positions and the first 3 in each Section, if not already covered in the first 10.

Chris Sutton will be contacting Provisional 1st Open for photograhs and to compile an 'In-Depth' interview.

The On-Line Verification code for the AA race is 4043 & the YB race is 4042. Either verify On-Line or using Lib Line BUT PLEASE NOT BOTH methods for the same bird